Radio transmitter DJ803 83-80310


Radio transmitter that fit well with our robust multi modules.
Together with our programming tool CanPro you can easily build a complete quality radio control system. Concrete trucks, tank / bulk trucks, timber trucks, cargo trucks, loaders, aerial platforms, winches, etc. are examples of the use of the transmitter, ie where you need to be able to maneuver proportionally with a joystick.

The transmitter is equipped with an internal antenna and ten rubberized buttons . The transmitter is also equipped with an XY joystick proportional control and a stop function. The transmitter has about 100-300 meter range depending on terrain. The transmitter is powered by two rechargeable AA batteries that can be charged via an built-in charger. The transmitter can also be run without batteries via 10-30V charging voltage. The radio transmitter also has CAN-bus which means you can plug in and run it through the cable guide. In this mode the radio signal automatically. The cable is connected via a 4- pin connector with push-pull locking. Continuous operating time without recharging is 10-15 hours .

Hand transmitter DJ803 JOY - 433.92 MHz ( 83-80310 )

» Ten snaps
» An XY joystick
» Built-in charger and Ni- MH battery
» CAN-bus connection for cable management