Hand trasmitter C849

83-84900  Green, 2-way 868MHz, internal magnets, wireless charger
83-84901  Green, 2-way 868MHz, internal magnets
83-84902  Green, 1-way 433Hz, internal magnets, wireless charger
83-84903  Green, 1-way 433Hz, internal magnets
83-84905  Blue,   1-way 433Hz, internal magnets, wireless charger
83-84905  Blue,   1-way 433Hz, internal magnets

More colours and versions available on request

Hand held radio remote designed for machines with the need to
control proportional movements. The display can show up to 6 pages
of text, and control different movements on each page (total of 48 function)
The display can also be used to show feedback from the machines sensors.

Intermal magnets in the transmitter enables the user to easely free both hands
by letting the transmitter stick to the wall of e.g. the truck.

As an option the transmitter can be fitted with a wireless charging
unit for easy charging of the device.

» 8 Push buttons
» 2 Axis Joystick for proportional movements
» 6 Menus in the display (total of 48 functions)

» Battery: 3 x AAA
» Built in charger 10-30V
» Stoppfunktion 13849-1 PL-d CAT3 (under evaluation)
» IP-class: IP65
» Dimensions: 165 x 77 x 52 mm
» Weight: ~300g