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Jörgensen Industrielektronik AB is a company undergoing constant development - a state essential to keeping abreast of rapid technological progress. We have in-depth experience of interpreting specific customer requirements and of quickly and cost effectively developing and manufacture the required products.

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New CanPro 4.35 Released

Support for new modules and I/O types, and some small bug fixes.


New generation CanCom

Soon our new module with IP69k-class will be complemented with a new robust radio transmitter. It have 8 buttons that has frame around it so that you can not push them by mistake. It will have two LED for indication of activity and batterystatus.


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New multi module

CanCom family is now expanded with a small and very cost effective module. The module is very robust and can withstand a harsh environment with its fiberglass-reinforced housing.

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