Data sheet for HT6P

Hand transmitter HT6P 83-23026

Radio transmitter in plastic, a rugged radio for long lasting professional use.

The radio control is designed to be mounted on vehicles and machinery such as Concrete trucks, tank/bulk trucks, timber trucks, cargo trucks, loaders etc. Transmitter and receiver are always paired with a unique ID code.

The transmitter is equipped with an internal antenna and six pushbuttons that are raised to easily be found through workwear and in the dark. The transmitter has about 100 meters range, depending on terrain and is equipped with a belt clip. The transmitter is powered by a 9V battery and gives full power even when the battery is low.

     » Six pushbuttons
     » Built-in antenna
     » Charging jack
     » Battery voltage 9V Alkaline battery alt. 7.2V Ni-MH optional
     » Weight complete with battery 145g
     » Power consumption during transmission 20mA
     » Transmission frequency 433.92MHz
     » Approval TFS B: 92D Ue950122