Radio transmitter in a rugged palstic enclosure with rubber seal to ensure long working life. Concrete trucks, petrol tankers/bulk transport trucks, fuelchip trucks, load switchers, loading machines, winches, etc. are just some examples of the areas where this transmitter can be used.


The transmitter has an integrated antenna and 8 protruding push-buttons for easy location through work clothes, for example. The transmitter has a range of around 80-100 metres, depending on the terrain, and is equipped with metal belt-clips. It can also be programmed to use a button as a shift-key, thus enabeling up to 7+7=14  functions. The transmitter remains fully operational even when the battery begins to run down.


Hand controller 83-83800
for Multimodules with built in radio

  • » Push buttons (8 functions)
  • » Belt clip

Hand controller 83-83810

for relay receiver 6DO

  • » Push buttons (6 functions)
  • » 1 x shift button
  • » Belt clip