We are the complete solution you have been looking for.
We handle the entire process from idea to finished product

Jörgensen Industrielektronik AB has been developing and manufacturing electronic solutions in a wide range of sectors since 1987. We have extensive experience of understanding clients’ specific needs and of developing and manufacturing our products in a fast, cost-effective way.

Our products include everything from printed circuit cards to complete solutions with connectors and cables and machined and surface-treated capsules.


Electronic solutions are developed according to the specific needs and requirements that you specify for the product. We are happy to use our skills to cooperate in the design of required specifications.


Printed circuit cards for both analogue and digital solutions are designed by our skilled and competent designers.


There is an increasing demand for reliability and performance in electronics and, above all, in industrial and mobile electronics.

We therefore place permanent emphasis on quality during the development, manufacturing and product-testing stages.


In order to meet requirements for durable electronics that are free from interference, we carry out EMC measurement of the products during the development stage. We also use SP for verification of EMC measurements. We are therefore able to meet the requirements imposed by both clients and the EU for obtaining the CE mark for our products.

We work with both small and large companies - they are all just as important to us. Through a single contact, you can gain access to all the assistance and knowledge that you need at every stage of the process, from the idea to the development and final delivery of finished products.