Multi-modules 24 (radio)

ID 20-24 80-63250
ID 15-19 80-63251


The Multimodule is manufactured in a solid aluminium housing with a robust 24-terminal connection. All electronics are hermetically sealed to protect them against the hazards of mobile environments, such as damp or vibration.

  • » Built-in radio receiver with a radio frequency of 433.92 MHz

  • » Controlled by for example HT 12 handheld transmitter 

  • » Antenna Connector: UHF contact 

  • » CAN-bus connection for programming and connection to other CanCom products 

  • » 8 PWM outputs (4 +4) without current feedback 

  • » 12 digital outputs, of which 2 can be configured as PWM outputs with a high/low function.
       "Two of the outputs can be configured as digital inputs 

  • » Three digital inputs, even for frequency counting 0-255Hz