Quality policy ISO 9001

- Develop and produce easy to use and reliable products with high quality at a competitive price.

- We will deliver
products that meet our customers' requirements with the right quality at the right time.

- Our ambition is to create long-term customer relationships

- By constantly improving the quality management system and our products, we adapt our operations so that we can increase customer satisfaction.

- We also work
continuously to streamline and improve operations.

- The management shall set clear quality goals that are communicated, followed up and revised regularly and the management shall support the staff.

- We must have competent employees who follow the rapid technological development and feel responsible for the quality of their work. They should also interact with customers and provide the customer with good service and support.

- Our suppliers and partners must meet our stated quality requirements.

- We
will work to make sure that each project will be a good reference for future business.

Certificate for ISO 9001:2008


 Environmental policy ISO 14001

Jörgensen Industrielektronik AB is working for good care of the environment by streamlining the company's various processes to reduce resource use. This means that we:

- Continually strive to improve the utilization of our resources and prevent pollution

- Comply with laws and regulations, and see these as minimum requirements for the level of our environmental work

- Increasing knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among all employees

- Develops and produces electronics in a climate-wise way

- Engages customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in our environmental efforts to reduce transportation