New generation CanCom 2015-01-29

We have already told you about our new and costeffective module. The module is very robust and can withstand a heavy-duty environment in the IP69K protection that the glass-fiber reinforced enclosure and connector offers.

It is available in two variants, with our without 433 MHz radio and you can chosse in CanPro if you want to have 8 digital or 8 analogue inputs. You can also choose between 8 digital or 4+4 PWM outputs with current feedback.

The new module will soon be complemented with a new robust radio transmitter. It have 8 buttons that has frame around it so that you can not push them by mistake. It will have two LED for indication of activity and batterystatus.

Stay tuned for more exciting news during 2015.

Jörgensen gets environmental certification 2015-01-07

After that SP has completed the audit for ISO 14001, with only one minor deviation, we are now just waiting to get the certificate in hand.

Read more in our environmental policy.

Now we publish our new website 2014-02-10

The new site has a new improved design and an improved menu system. One change is that the data sheets are available for each product and not collected on the same page.

If you have comments on the page please contact Annelie Löf,
Tel : 0512-300483

Jorgensen starting the process of becoming ISO 14001 certified 2013-10-08

Because we work with several large companies which are ISO 14001 certified we are taking the step to get ISO 14001 conformity. Work will be done in 2014 and we intend to become certified to ISO 14001 by the end of 2014.

Security module 2013-09-26

Work on our new security module which is PLd Classified is progressing and it is now beginning to take shape. More information about the module and data sheets of the product can be found under Products.

Report from the fair Entreprenad Expo 2013-09-26

After three intensive days at the fair Entreprenad Expo in Skåne , we would like to thank for many interesting meetings, both with those who visited the fair and other exhibitors.

At our booth , we showed both controllers and transmitters from our CanCom series, but also examples of customized products. Many were the ones who recognize our products and praised them for their robust design .

Many were also interested to check out our new security module, which we are informed about at the fair.

Would you like further information about any product?
Have questions that you want answered?
Please let any of us know.

Kristian Jorgensen - Tel 0512-300485

Annelie Löf - Tel 0512-300483

News at the fair 2013-09-05

Our new security module which is PLd Classified beginning to take shape. We will tell you more at the fair.

Even our Gateway which now comes in a new style that is better integrated into the programming tool CanPro is displayed at the fair. The gateway can be extended with a GSM modem and thus be used for programming, debugging and analysis of machines remotely.

Entreprenad Expo 2013-09-05

Visit us at the fair Entreprenad Expo September 12 to 14 at Knutstorp in Skåne. At our booth D445 , we will show both controllers and transmitters from our CanCom series, but also examples of customized products.

Come visit us and we will help you develop your ideas.

Register at the following link:


New Gateway - GSM kit 2013-06-24

Gateway now comes in a new style, which is better integrated in the programming tool CanPro. The gateway can be extended with a GSM modem and thus be used for programming, debugging and analysis of machines remotely.

We can help you classify your system according to safety 2013-06-24

According to the Machinery Directive, the safety-critical functions shall be designed in accordance with IEC 13849 (PI = Performance level ) or 62061 (SIL = Safety Integrety Level) . We can help you with a risk analysis on your system to determine what level of security you need.

We are also developing a new safety module which will become a new member of CanCom family.

Improved testing equipment with climate chamber 2013-03-21

Since many of the products we develop is used in demanding environments with vibrations and various temperature changes, we have now extended our test unit with a climatic chamber which enables us to perform advanced cooling and heating tests. This ensures that you as a customer can feel confident that our products are tested in the different conditions that they will be used in.

New ESD - safe assembly 2013-03-21

Our assembly has now been given a facelift with new ESD floor. Also the stock have received ESD flooring and new shelves with discharge capability. With the help of our tables, chairs and shoes, we now have an entire unit that is protected against ESD (Electro Statical Discharge). This means that the circuit boards are protected from discharges that may come from individuals and other materials in the assembly and warehouse.

Now you can control the functions of your Smart-phone 2013-03-21

It is now possible to control various functions in CanCom modules with your android phone. This is done using a program that can be designed in various ways depending on the features you want to control. For PWM functions you can increase or decrease by tilting the phone upwards or downwards.

Success for Multi Module 64 - now in more variations 2012-03-13

Multi-module 64 is used by many of our customers where you need to control more functions. Multi-module 64 has 24 digital inputs and 24 digital outputs. It also have 8 analog inputs and radio for remote control of functions.

Multi-module 64 is also available for proportional control. Then it has 16 digital outputs and 4 +4 proportional outputs. Besides this, it is the same as above. It is also possible to get it without the radio and with different ID series if you want to connect several multi modules to expand the system further.

Multi-module 64 can be paired with one of our popular radio transmitter. Learn more about Multi-module 64 and radio controls , or contact us for more. Call us on +46 512 300 480.

New owners 2012-03-13

After 25 years in the company Morten and Carina has chosen to hand over the ownership . From the beginning of the year the company is runned by the sons Kristian and Markus Jörgensen. They have worked in the company for many years so it will not be a big difference to you as a customer. Carina and Morten will continue to work for the company.

We now look forward to a great year with new challenges. Do you have questions about how this will affect our relationship so do not hesitate to contact any of us.